Tournament of Shadows Collection | Author Tilly Wallace Tournament of Shadows Collection | Author Tilly Wallace
Tilly Wallace

Tournament of Shadows Collection

Used as a pawn all her life, this young mage is about to take control of the game....

About the Book

Seraphina Winyard is something feared by many…a woman mage. When she comes of age, Sera is determined to seize control of her life, but she faces opposition from an unknown opponent. This set contains:

1. Opening Gambit

When her former guardian is murdered, suspicion falls on Sera. She must discover how to wield her power to find the true murderer before her leash is replaced by a noose. But the deeper she digs, the more she discovers she is a pawn in someone else’s game.

2. A Dangerous Ruse

Seraphina continues to pick at the secrets entangling her. When a dangerous bracelet goes missing, she gathers her friends to investigate. They need to stop the person responsible before another life is lost. Meanwhile, the Mage Council plots to corner Seraphina using the oldest tool they have—forcing her into submission.

3. Shadow Schemes

After her triumph as Queen of the Night, Sera is instructed to stay out of public sight by the Mage Council. She is tasked with settling a restless spirit, roused by the fate of a descendant and her missing child. As Sera struggles to reveal the truth, doubts invade her mind. Will her efforts see the mother walk free, or to the gallows?

A gaslamp series that weaves magic and supernatural mystery through history in an alternate 18th century.

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Narrator: Marian Hussey
Format: Unabridged
Runtime: 23 hours 12 mins

The Details

Published: June 3, 2024
Publisher: Ribbonwood Press
Pages: 1,000
Formats: EbookAudiobook

Genres & Tropes
Historical fantasy, gaslamp, Georgian era, mystery, witches, shifters, mages