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Dragons love longest, even when hope is gone…

As a young woman, Moire Tobin fell hopelessly in love with a brave, loyal, and handsome young naval officer. Nothing, not even her family, could persuade her to spurn the young man. But fate had other ideas. Even when Oliver broke off their engagement, her tattered heart refused to stop loving. Every beat carried with it the promise of hope.

Eight years later, Captain Oliver Hartford returns to the quiet corner of rural Wyldefen. Having amassed a fortune, he is determined to find a wife. Any one would do, so long as it’s not Moire—the quiet, intelligent, and kind woman who still haunts his dreams.

Fate, it seems, has had a change of heart and has decided to throw the couple together. This could be their second chance at love. Dragons might prove the salve that eases old wounds, or they might be the irrevocable wedge that forever drives them apart…

This is a standalone, second chance fantasy romance inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion…but with more dragons.

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Published: September 3, 2024
Formats: Ebook

Genres & Tropes
fantasy romance, second chance romance, Jane Austen inspired