Manners and Monsters

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Manners and Monsters

Book 1: Manners and Monsters

A lady never reveals the true extent of her decay…

Hannah Miles lives a quiet existence helping her parents conduct research into a most terrible affliction—until a gruesome murder during her best friend’s engagement party pulls her from the shadows. With her specialist knowledge and demur disposition, Hannah is requested to aid the investigation.

Except Hannah discovers her role is to apologise in the wake of the rude and disgraced man tasked with finding the murderer. The obnoxious Viscount Wycliff thinks to employ Hannah purely as a front to satisfy Whitehall, but she’ll have none of that. The viscount is about to meet his greatest challenge, and it’s not a member of the ton with a hankering for brains.

Can the two work together to find the murderer before the season is ruined?

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Galvanism and Ghouls

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Galvanism and Ghouls

Book 2: Manners and Monsters

Time reveals all secrets…

A new unnatural horror is about to rattle Hannah Miles’ quiet existence, and it’s not the short-tempered viscount prowling the hallways. Someone is creating a monster by stitching together pieces of different people. When a limb makes an escape attempt, Viscount Wycliff is called to investigate. All of London knows there is one mad scientist among them capable of creating such an ungodly monster… Sir Hugh Miles.

Hannah’s father is suspected of a most heinous crime and she is determined to clear his name, even as Wycliff works to see the murderer hang. Buried secrets that touch all their lives will be brought to the surface. One such secret belongs to Hannah and could tear her world apart.

With Hannah and Wycliff on opposing sides, can they find the real monster and will it be the hand that wields the scalpel, or the creature hiding in the dark?

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